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Selfless Sex – An Introduction

Selfless Sex: An Introduction

If you still have the desire to be sexual, your sexuality and sexual health may be different that it was in the past. The bottom line is your sexuality may be less ‘penis-focused,’ more ‘body focused’ and focused on building intimacy. I like to call it Selfless Sex, where you give more to your partner than you receive, where you focus on the sexual pleasure of your lover.

018 – Introducing Viki…My Better Half

018 – Introducing Viki …My Better Half

My ‘better half’ said she’d like to podcast with me so, here is our first attempt. This is our 1st anniversary weekend so, we had a great time at dinner along with many drinks. It was fun to record with her so I think we’re starting something extra special. Enjoy…

Retrograde Ejaculation & Prostate Cancer

Retrograde Ejaculation & Prostate Cancer

A few weeks ago, I was talking with the director of ProstateCancer.net and he sent me a question/ comment from a community member about male orgasm after prostate cancer (PC) surgery and treatments. The question was different because it was related to painful orgasms and “retrograde orgasms.” After a bit research, I discovered a trend in the information related to prostate cancer and Retrograde Ejaculation (RE).

The DRE – Guys, Get Over it.

The DRE – Guys, Get Over it.

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot more about the dreaded DRE – Digital Rectal Exam. While I understand that guys feel uncomfortable with the exam and some doctors say, it’s not necessary, it can still help, right? The answer is yes. So…in this quick article, I’m going to throw my support behind getting a DRE and a PSA at the same time.