Selfless Sex – An Introduction

Selfless Sex: An Introduction

If you still have the desire to be sexual, your sexuality and sexual health may be different that it was in the past. The bottom line is your sexuality may be less ‘penis-focused,’ more ‘body focused’ and focused on building intimacy. I like to call it Selfless Sex, where you give more to your partner than you receive, where you focus on the sexual pleasure of your lover.

018 – Introducing Viki…My Better Half

018 – Introducing Viki …My Better Half

My ‘better half’ said she’d like to podcast with me so, here is our first attempt. This is our 1st anniversary weekend so, we had a great time at dinner along with many drinks. It was fun to record with her so I think we’re starting something extra special. Enjoy…

Further exploring the Psycho Sexual (Side) Effect

Further exploring the Psycho-Sexual (Side) Effect

Many men are well aware of the physical side effects of prostate cancer, which can include issues like urinary incontinence, erectile dysfunction (ED), and bowel problems. But what about the psychological side effects of prostate cancer and, more specifically, those side effects impacting psychological-sexual health?




013 – How can a guy keep his erection longer?

013 – How can a guy keep his erection longer?

Through a friend of a friend, the question is “How can a guy keep his erection longer? Would suggesting cock rings be offensive to them?” While I can’t co-sign on cock rings, I explained how the premature ejaculation probably started and I offer one solution to this issue. Enjoy.


Selfless Sex: Your Partners Pleasure

Selfless Sex: Your Partners Pleasure

So far, we’ve scratched the surface on Selfless Sex by discussing how much pleasure the body can actually achieve. Just remember, Selfless Sex is about focusing on your partner so, in this article, I’d like to really get into that.