Selfless Sex – An Introduction

Selfless Sex: An Introduction

If you still have the desire to be sexual, your sexuality and sexual health may be different that it was in the past. The bottom line is your sexuality may be less ‘penis-focused,’ more ‘body focused’ and focused on building intimacy. I like to call it Selfless Sex, where you give more to your partner than you receive, where you focus on the sexual pleasure of your lover.

018 – Introducing Viki…My Better Half

018 – Introducing Viki …My Better Half

My ‘better half’ said she’d like to podcast with me so, here is our first attempt. This is our 1st anniversary weekend so, we had a great time at dinner along with many drinks. It was fun to record with her so I think we’re starting something extra special. Enjoy…

Podcast 008 – The Role of the Partner in Sexual Health

The Role of the Partner in Sexual Health

In many cases, the partner is there going through various stages with his/her partner’s new diagnosis, pre-treatment, surgery and post-treatment life. What can the partner do to help? What emotions are the partners going through?